Magnetic Machine

They disturb everything they touch and freeze their surroundings when destroyed. In defense, they disturb effect is smaller and has a shorter duration

Magnetic Machine is a troop unlocked once the Laboratory is upgraded to level 8, which requires Technology Center level 11.

Magnetic Machine is a powerful tanking unit with low damage but high hitpoints for the housing space they occupy. Their attacks slow down whatever they attack, reducing affected Defensive Buildings or units' fire rate by 50% for 2 seconds. Upon death, the Ice Golem freezes everything in a large radius, completely immobilizing any defenses and enemy units caught within. However, the upon-death freeze does not deal any damage.

An Ice Golem's death freeze will not prevent Traps from triggering nor will it stop a triggering trap from going off. (The trap however, will appear as if it were being hit by the Ice Golem)

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