A player's army is used either on the campaign map or against other players in order to win Trophies and loot Crystal and Energy - this is called raiding.

Troops are created in Camp and Laboratory and are stored in Military Base. Some troops require Energy and are trained in the Training Camp, others require ETHE and are trained in the Laboratory

Some troops may be boosted temporarily into Super Troops, which boast abilities and differences compared to their base form. These Super Troops require that their base versions be sufficiently upgraded in the Compound-X factory, and cost ETHE to boost.

General are immortal units that are reusable but require time to regenerate their health when it is lost. They are summoned whenever their respective Commander Center is constructed or rebuilt. There are many kinds of General troops; three use ETHE while the other uses Energy

Missile are created and stored in the Missile Factory. There are ten different missiles, six of which require Energy the other four require ETHE

Iron Fist are special weapons that can transport your troops They are built in the Workshop using Crystal

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